Dr. Rafael Ferraro

Affiliation: CONICET Research Fellow

Place of Work: IAFE and Physics Department (FCEN, UBA)< /font>

Areas of Research and Interest:

Constrained Hamiltonian Systems

BRST Sym metry

General Relativity

Born-Inf eld Electrodynamics

Research publications:

P ublications


Course on Special Relativity (in portuguese)         Given at V Escola do CBPF         .pdf file (254 Kb)


Einstein's Space-Time: An Introduction to Special and General Relativity (in english)

El espacio-tiempo de Einstein (in spanish)

Postal address:

Dr. Rafael Ferraro,
CC 67, Suc 28,
(1428) Capital Federal,

Phone: (+54-11) 4781-6755 / 4783-2642 / 4789-0179 / 4788-1916

Fax: (+54-11) 4786-8114

E-mail: ferraroiafe.uba.ar

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